Top 5 Amazing Reasons To Shop At The Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

Dubai Shopping Festival
Dubai Shopping Mall

Dubai is time and again referred as a shopper’s paradise, a shopaholic’s haven. It has been the most sought after shopping destination by many guests from around the world since a very long time. With several options to choose from in jewellery, footwear, accessories, apparels, latest gadgets, etc., this city has become one of the biggest shopping hubs in the world. What’s more? The city holds two big shopping festivals every year to boost its retail trade, namely, the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Summer Surprises. Dubai Shopping Festival alone attracts around 4 to 5 million people in to the city during its entire duration.

Though people really don’t need reasons to shop in the city, let alone at the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017, we are still listing down top 5 worthy reasons to shop in the world’s grandest shopping fest.

The Shopping Malls

With several luxurious malls in the city providing massive discounts on almost all your favourite brands during the month long festival, shoppers are not going to get disappointed by their decision of shopping in this city. From hi-end clothes, luxury watches, jewellery, electronic an everything else that you desire is available here. Name it and Dubai has it all. All the stores in the mall give out as much as 75% discount on their products during this festival.

The Traditional Souq (Bazaars) of Dubai

During this month long Dubai Shopping Festival, DSF packages also are pretty cheap, due to which you can save more and bargain a little more at the local souqs of Dubai. Gold souqs, Textile souqs, Gold souqs and many such bazaars are popular places to explore and shop in Dubai. These ancient markets give out discounts to their customers but you can also bargain for items here as there are deals that will make it impossible to resist.


Events and Shows

Dubai Shopping fest is not only limited to shopping in the malls and the souqs. The fest attracts a lot of tourists even because there are a lot of internationally acclaimed celebrities performing in the city during the special festival. A lot of people visit the city to meet their favourite celebrity and attend their shows. You can attend musical shows, acrobatic performances and concerts while on a trip to this golden city.

Chance to Win Big while shopping

There are a lot of games that are played with huge prize money during this mega shopping festival. It has also been said that in DSF 2017, it coupons are going to pour in. You can get close to becoming a millionaire with every coupon that you will get while shopping in the city. You are assured to get one coupon if you shop for AED 200. Collect coupons by shopping more and more while at the same time increasing your chances of winning several jackpots. You can also take part in raffles, that are renowned for having the best model cars and million-dollar money as prizes.


If magnificence appeals to you, do not miss the fireworks that take place in the city during the Dubai Shopping Festival, every year. Apart from the firework display, every corner of the city is decorated with lights that you have never seen before. The ambiance and the decorations gives off the feeling that the entire place has been lit just for you.

Apart from all these reasons, one more reason to shop in the beautiful city is the fact that shopping here is tax-free. With cheap DSF packages and so many reasons to visit the place, you are definitely going to love the memorable experience that this city has to offer.

Check out for the DSF Packages that will fit your budget so that you still have enough money to shop to your heart’s content. So, when are you planning to book the tickets to Dubai?


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