Ramadan Dubai 2019: Best Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan

Jumeirah Mosque

Ramadan is the holy month of the Muslims as per the Islamic calendar. It is believed that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed during this month. Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk for one month. With Dubai being a part of the Islamic country of UAE, the city along with the neighbouring Emirates also celebrates Ramadan.
Lot of changes happen during this time of the year. Duration of schools and offices are shortened, tourist attractions are either closed or open late, and it is forbidden to eat or drink in public (even for non-Muslims). In fact, the whole city has a subdued air, and not many tourists venture into Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE during this time. However, Dubai during Ramadan has a different magic, one you must not miss if you want to know the real Dubai, underneath all the glitz and glamour you see. If you are interested in visiting Dubai during Ramadan, here are the best things to do in Dubai during Ramadan.

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