A Dubai Winter Vacation – How to plan for a trip to Dubai in December month

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A month before the New Year arrives; the world sets the stage for its biggest celebrations. Combined with the holiday spirit, the ambiance has a vibrant verve and the brisk, wintry climate adds a charming touch to the whole scenario. However, Dubai isn’t the usual place that resembles a winter vacation destination, yet millions of visitors flock to the emirate during winters. What makes this desert emirate so popular during December? How can you plan a trip to Dubai in December?  Scroll down to know more.

Winter in Dubai

1.Is the best time to visit Dubai in December?

Dubai doesn’t have distinct seasons; it usually has different variations of heat. November and December are colder months of the year in Dubai. The temperature in December drops to 26°C maximum and about 14°C minimum. It means that the sun isn’t scorching hot and the evenings are chilly but pleasant. So it is the best time to visit Dubai and wander outdoors. December also brings in a lot of events and festivities in Dubai. It is that time of the year when Dubai electrifies visitors with festive verve and gears up for mega-events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival and New Year celebrations. During these events, visitors get to benefit from slashed prices and can take advantage of best deals, discounts and complimentary offers on hotels and travel services. However, if you are planning on visiting Dubai in December, you have to pre-book air tickets months before so that you get a good deal on the rates.

2.Which places to visit in Dubai in December?

Dubai’s expansive assortment of attractions can be quite overwhelming for visitors to decide what to see and where to go in Dubai.  But during December, you ought to plan your visit keeping in consideration the tourist influx. Family theme parks and attractions will be overflowing with tourists that lead to longer duration of waiting time to access the attractions. However, there are a few attractions that you should definitely not miss during your Dubai trip. Here are a few iconic landmarks and attractions you should include in your Dubai trip itinerary.

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1.Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari in Dubai

The Arabian Desert is an element you cannot overlook on a Dubai trip. The magnificent modern emirate was born as a humble desert village settlement and in time has grown into a dynamic futuristic city.  Also, a visit to the desert offers you a different perspective of Dubai altogether. Here, the ambiance is calm yet buzzing with excitement.  The pleasant drive to the desert suddenly turns into a roller coaster ride as you enjoy dune bashing on the uneven sand dunes. After you reach the middle of the desert, you get to enjoy a plethora of desert adventures such as sand boarding and quad bike rides. Unwind your day with a tranquil desert sunset viewing and enjoy the evening immersed in Arabian folklore and lip-smacking traditional cuisine.

2.Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain

A trip to Dubai is absolutely incomplete without visiting these architectural masterpieces. Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains are two of the most popular attractions of Dubai. Dominating the skyline at a height of 2,722 feet, Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world and offers jaw-dropping panoramic views of Dubai city and beyond. Right next to it is the Dubai Fountain, the largest dancing fountain in the world. The sight of Dubai Fountain from its observatory deck is the best way to witness its splendour.  The grandeur becomes two-fold during New Year’s Eve as the iconic landmark plays host to the grand New Year countdown and fireworks on 31st December.

3.Dubai Dhow Cruise on Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise Dubai At night

The hazy mornings of December and scintillating evening city lights of Dubai are best experienced on a Dhow cruise tour in Dubai. Hop onboard a traditional Arabian ship at Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina to enjoy scenic city skyline and sights of Dubai. Both the experiences are quite different from each other. While Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise focuses on showcasing the old world charm and modern Dubai city, a Dhow cruise at Dubai Marina offers you an insight into Dubai’s futuristic vision and chic lifestyle.

4.Dubai Shopping Festival

Carnival in Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is a mecca for shopaholics. Teeming with over 30 outstanding shopping malls and an assortment of souks, Dubai offers everything under the sun to its guests.  The malls of Dubai are grand and extravagant offering high-class labels and branded merchandises along with a variety of dining and recreational options.  The Souks of Dubai, on the other hand, offers indigenous and traditional Middle Eastern goods such as semi-precious stones, textiles, spices, gold, and perfumes. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a mega shopping event annually organized in Dubai which is celebrated throughout the emirate. Shops, retail outlets, and malls offer incredible discounts, deals and also conduct competitions where winners get hefty prizes. This year, the month-long event starts from 26 Dec 2018 till 2 Feb 2019. If you are planning on visiting Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival, extend it to bring in the New Year in Dubai as well. The illuminated landmarks and New Year Eve fireworks are sights to behold.   Look for the   Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 Packages that offer amazing experiences at the best prices.

3.Essential tips to keep in mind during a visit to Dubai in December.

  • Do keep in mind that December is a peak season in Dubai and attracts hordes of tourists. Hence, be prepared to find enormous crowds at popular attractions.
  • Always adhere to Dubai customs and laws. Dubai has strict laws for public drinking, smoking, drug use, and indecent behavior. Alcohol can be consumed at licensed hotels and public drunkenness is an offense punishable by law in Dubai. Drugs are banned in Dubai and have zero tolerance towards it. Even a minute trace of any kind of drug found on you can land up in big trouble with the customs and police. Certain medications are also listed under prohibited drugs; hence you would require a doctor’s prescription to bring along these medications with you on your Dubai trip.
  • Respect the local culture. Being an Islamic city, Dubai has a conservative lifestyle suited as per its culture. If you are not sure what to expect, just keep in mind to consider the local’s comforts as a priority. Holding hands, swearing, loud noises, dancing in public, public display of affection are few of the behaviours that can irk locals and get you arrested if complained to the local police. Dressing modestly is another factor to be kept in mind. Holy shrines would require a strict dress code which includes covering your head, shoulders, and legs. In public places, women and men should not be dressed in sleeveless tops and shorts, above the knee apparels.
  • Self-care is the best care. Even if December is cooler, it is sunny throughout the month. Hence it is very necessary to lather up sunscreen to keep your skin healthy. Travel in light clothes. Winter season in Dubai is not extreme; the average minimum temperature does not drop below 12°C. Therefore, you should pack light, airy, cotton or linen clothes along with a few warm clothes such as shawls and cardigans in case you feel chilly. The best way to dress up in Dubai during December is in layered clothes so that you can remove the extra cardigan or sweater you are wearing as and when you feel like to make yourself comfortable.
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