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Dubai is a global tourist hub of the western world. Close to 10+ million tourists and visitors come to the shores of Dubai to have fun and enjoy their holidays. Being an Islamic state, Dubai follows some stringent rules and regulations against certain traditions and customs that you should be well aware of before entering the shores of Dubai.

Laws to be aware for a tourist in Dubai
Laws to be aware for a tourist in Dubai

Consuming alcohol in the public

Being a Muslim state, Dubai has strict rules and regulations against drinking alcohol in public spaces. Although alcohol is served in several clubs and bars, consuming alcohol in public is considered to be a severe offense. Go to designated places where alcohol is served and avoid public spaces while drinking alcohol.


Importing pornographic material, drugs, and pork can land you into serious trouble in Dubai. Tourists have undergone a punishment of up to 4 years of imprisonment for carrying pornographic material in their luggage. Prescription drugs and painkillers should carefully be examined before traveling to Dubai. Random traces of illegal drugs are collected from their blood and urine samples. A doctor’s note should be brought along if you need a prior agreement from the authorities along with the prescription. Right paperwork for carrying these medicines would be the key.

2.Dressing moderately

Dubai advisory for Tourist In malls
Dubai advisory for Tourist In malls

Men and women need to follow a dress code when in public space. Women should appropriately cover their arms and legs when in public areas. Shopping malls and other public areas have large broadcast announcements to remind people of their dress code. Swimwear can be used only on the beaches or at hotel pools. Topless or Nude sunbathing is forbidden under all circumstances.

3.Eating in public during the Ramadan season

The public should avoid eating or drinking in public during the fasting month of the Ramadan season irrespective of which religion you belong to. The rule is relaxed at some hotels that permit their foreign non-Muslim guests to consume food or drink even during the Ramadan festival.

Rules to be followed In dubai
Rules to be followed In dubai


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Dubai houses many nightclubs, lounges, and bars. However, Dubai’s rules and regulations do not permit people to dance on the road, it should be limited to the privacy of your personal space or at licensed clubs. Also, avoid using loud music in public spaces like lush green parks, beaches, and residential areas. The act is considered to be inappropriate, rude, provocative, and indecent.


Dubai being a Muslim state is very conservative in its culture. When it comes to using foul languages, profanities, swearing, insulting or using any obscene indications are intolerable. The government has laid down strict rules and regulations that can confine people if they are caught in such activities.

6.Spreading rumors

Spreading rumors in the Emirate is considered illegal, especially the ones shared and served online. Spreading unwanted information through online media is deemed to be a form of cyber-bullying. People have served a jail sentence of up to 3 years or a hefty fine upfront if caught. Spreading false information can impact the public interest.

7.Disrespecting the culture and religion in Dubai

It is a well-known fact that tourists should always be respectful of the destination’s culture and religion. Dubai is no different. A sign of disrespect shown in any form towards the Emirati culture, Islam, and the country’s ancient rulers can lead to severe punishment. Even though more than 85% of the U.A.E. population consists of expats, respecting each other’s culture and religion remains the key to peace and harmony within the country.

8.Staying in the hotel room

Couple Staying in the Hotel

It is termed illegal to stay in a hotel room together with a person of the opposite sex if you are not married or having a blood relation. Also, only married couples are permitted to have sex or even share a bed in Dubai. Homosexual sex is also forbidden in Dubai. Gay couples should avoid showing intimacy in Dubai.

9.Displaying affection in public

Holding hands and kissing is considered to be inappropriate by all means in Dubai. As per the regulations, tourists can also receive a jail sentence if they are caught displaying affection in public. Refrain from indulging in any physical intimacy with the opposite sex if you want to enjoy the best of Dubai during your holiday.


Dubai considers rape as a serious offense, with victims have only occasionally have faced an arrest. The guilty can be termed to a term sentence in jail. Avoiding in indulgence is any such activities or even similar can help you explore the best of Dubai.

11.Photographing women

Clicking pictures without the consent of a woman is considered indecent. The Dubai authorities do not accept any disrespect shown towards their religious beliefs or practices. It is an offensive act that people should refrain from indulging in during their holiday in Dubai. If you wish to click a picture, always ask for permission before indulging in the same.

13.Clicking pictures of government buildings, military zones, and car accidents

It is best to keep the focus away from your camera if you are touring some important government buildings, embassies, car accidents, and other military zones. The camera is strictly forbidden in such areas. Keep your camera ready when visiting tourist attractions and other beautiful sights in Dubai.


14.Social Media


Tourists and visitors are not permitted to run any social media campaigns without proper approval. The cybercrimes law is quite strictly followed in Dubai. There is a strict punishment towards people who indulge in such activities.

15.Cheque payments

Bouncing of debt payments is considered a criminal offense and can lead you straight in the jail. Issue cheques only if you have sufficient balance. This includes the hotel bill payment else it can lead to severe punishment.

16.Purchasing fake goods

Purchasing fake goods in the United Arab Emirates can land you into serious trouble. They may sound tempting at times, but the tourists and visitors have no idea into the amount of trouble they can get into if they are caught shopping at illegal outlets.

The rules and regulations are enforced on the public to ensure the safety of the people in Dubai. It can be a bit tough at times, but a certain degree of governance is required to keep the people in control and in check.

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