Is Dubai Shopping Festival really worth going to?

Dubai Shopping Festival Packages For 2019

Nesting over 5 million people, covering thousands of  swanky malls and shops, and shouting zillions of offers, sales and activities, Dubai shopping festival is the undisputed solution to your shopping spree. Get your holiday and shopping spirits high as you are going to read the best deals and details on Dubai Shopping Festival 2019, and how it is worth every penny.

Dubai Shopping Festival Packages For 2019
Dubai Shopping Festival Packages For 2019 (Source)

What is DSF?

-Paradise for shopaholic and treat for your wardrobe

Dubai Shopping Festival is the 1996 government-led initiative to up the game of retailing and boost tourism of the exceptionally luxurious emirate, and today this event is the world’s most attractive shopping destination. It is the largest shopping extravaganza and premier source of all kinds of buys at a price you have never heard of. It is a wonderful blend of revelry, shopping, culture and fun.

When is a good time to visit Dubai?

Or you mean to ask when is the DSF, we got you!

 To be honest, any time is perfect to visit this beautiful emirate. But, in case you desire for an amalgamation of healthy shopping and fun encounters, Dubai shopping festival is lit. Held in the month of January every year, Dubai manages to bring something unique and extraordinary on the table for its visitors, from fashion to furnishing. There are throngs of people going crazy over the display of versatile items, followed by fireworks, celebrations and competitions. Tourists from all over the world arrive at this rich emirate, lured by the massive discounts on the already tax-free shopping. Giving New York and Paris a hard time in cheap retail and luxury shopping, Dubai is growing from strength to strength with the brand DSF.

What are Dubai shopping Festival 2019 dates?

This year, the event is planned to start from the 26th December and run impressively for 5 long weeks. Whether it’s your fun time with family and friends or you want to discover the latest fashion trends, DSF is the fest you should head.

What happens in the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 Opening
Dubai Shopping Festival Opening With Fireworks
  • A breathtaking opening!
    You are going to be a part of city-wide celebration and world-wide shopping!

The event kicks off with an extravagant inauguration that has fireworks, light shows and celebration lighting up the skies throughout the festival month. One-of-a-kind outdoor markets and flashmob accompany this immersive world-class retail experience.


  • Shop till you drop!
    You can hunt from 700 brands across 3,200 outlets- sale is the word


Oh! You’re going to love this- Dubai emirate is packed with bright and sparkling shops all over the place, from nooks and corners to the centres. Take the advantage of these versatile options and haggle to your best. This exhibition goes for a month long and looks like something never seen before, which include modern stores standing side by side the traditional souks. Roll up your sleeves and throw on a comfortable shoes as you are not going to stop strolling until the end.

Dubai’s signature product gold which goes on a “rip-off” mode all the year round gets a big slash in the price this time of the year. Lucky for shoppers, there is everything- fashion, beauty, home furnishing, sports accessories, and food. Not just branded apparels and wear make the headlines, but the electronic goods are the favourite deals here. Plus there are fashion shows right inside the stores as a treat to your eyes- your favourite styles are in action.

Also visit the souks that have the quirky artefacts, from pashmina shawls and embroidered abayas to handcrafted jewellery. Get your hands on the personalised souvenir too.


  • Seize the best rewards!
    You can win a whooping AED500,000- and we are not kidding


Did you know last year, you had to spend just AED 20 and you could win one of the eight Nissan models? Oh, wait! The prizes don’t stop here; you could buy an Infiniti ticket and earn an Infiniti car. Yes, the rewards are that kind of insane ending on millions of cash prizes. Isn’t it tempting, that while tourists and residents can visit top attractions and eat the best cuisines, they can even bag the biggest prizes of all times.


  • Enjoy like a boss

   –In between your shopping adventures, dine, party and tour

Plethora of things are happening all around the place in this festival month and it can be overwhelming to choose where to go and which one to skip.

Music Concert at Dubai Shopping Festival
Music Concert at Dubai Shopping Festival
  • There is an outdoor cinema screening the favourite movies of all time.
  • Then step to Al fresco market which boasts an array of shopping statues and pop ups telling about the emerging designers followed by myriad of entertainment shows. This includes live shows, DJs, musical performances as well as evening yoga classes to keep you sane in this cheerful chaos.
  • On the roads, you can stop by the music concerts, street performers, fashion shows, film festivals, cultural events and more.
  • The emirate lights up with the iconic backdrops and skyline which is opened for exploration and you can go on a city tour.
  • Flock to the Global village, which is the perfect amalgamation of fine dining, unlimited shopping and fun entertainment.



And are the traveling deals for the DSF really worth it – or is it just marketing?

70% off, cash back offers, eye-popping low prices… are these genuine?

The life and soul of the party are the amazing deals. You are going to drool and sploit these amazing raffles, deals and packages that are pretty hard to believe. The Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 offers start from 25-70% off on the happening items and are ready to steal your heart.

Nevertheless, often customers pull back thinking it to be a mere camouflage. But we have done our research and here we can inform you in confidence that the sales are great and are actually working. There are thousands of outlets and all are competing strongly to attract the customers with the massive discounts. Additionally, this event comes after the Christmas and New Year when the customers have already heard of magnetising sales. So, to keep tourists glued, they need to raise their bars. DSF is truly the king of all sales. Shoppers are going to come back if retailers offer them a product at significantly lower rate and this helps them in return to earn reputation and revenue at time of new product launch, retain existing customers or increase profit.


It is the time to put your money in the Gucci jackets, Prada bags and Armani watches. The bargain hunters are in heaven with products like gold, electronics and clothes scaling on the epic sale.

  • There is an incredible 5-week sale on all the latest local and international brands.
  • Everyone’s favourite 12-hour sale zooms across the Majid Al Futtaim malls and create an immense rush of excitement (because it’s mind-blowing, 25-90% off).
  • Now here is something most of us wait for, Weekend deals. No brownie points for this, it comes up every weekend and it’s jaw-dropping.

DSF 2019 is every shopaholics’ dream- it has bouquet of stores, activities and festivities going on that gives Dubai a cheerful and vibrant vibes. Put your shopping shoes on as DSF promises an unforgettable retail therapy. To collaborate your DSF tour with best hotels to stay, or a city tour or desert safari ride, check out the latest Dubai shopping festival 2019 packages.


Everything You Need to Know about Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 images

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) needs no introduction to most people around the world. Touted as the biggest shopping festival in the world, the DSF is a haven for the senses and of course, the pocket too. Started in 1996, this shopping festival has become bigger and grander with every passing year. It has also become one of the major reasons for visiting Dubai. While great deals and discounts on various merchandise is the main reason that people from all over the world visit the DSF, it is not the only thing. The Dubai Shopping Festival celebrates life itself and there is something for everybody to look forward to. If you are planning to visit Dubai during the shopping festival, here are all the details that you should know about the DSF.

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Reasons to Visit Dubai in December 2019

National Day celebration in Dubai

December is the best time to visit Dubai due to various reasons. One of the main reasons to visit Dubai is the pleasant climate, which other times of the year is scorching hot. The cooler and pleasant climate makes it the best time of year to visit Dubai. The pleasant beaches, roaming outdoors, New Year eve, Dubai shopping festival 2019, and visiting most of the incredible structures is main tourist attraction during this month.

Most of the tourists fly down to Dubai for spending their holidays and for celebrating New Year in the most happening way. Shopping, heritage, adventure, and relaxation can be best avail while visiting Dubai in December. Pre book your tickets as the tickets gets costlier during this month.

Reasons to Visit Dubai

Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens is one of the biggest events that take place in December. Whether you are a sports fan or a rugby fan, the electric atmosphere will make you fall in love with the city immediately. This is something everyone would love to experience once in their life. The Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens probably takes place from the month of November to December. Witness the exciting city and the people around and get indulge into the great atmosphere.

Awesome Weather

Weather in Dubai

The weather of Dubai during December is best for visiting and spending some quality time with your loved ones. Most of the Middle East regions have only two climates, hot and hotter. November and December is the start of little cooler season with less amount of humidity. This makes it the best time of year to visit Dubai. Pleasant Beaches, parks, evening dine out, shopping, and doing adventures are the most exciting things that can be done during this month.

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National Day Celebrations

National Day celebration in Dubai

UAE’s National Day is celebrated during this month of the year. If you are planning to visit on December then get ready for the mall entertainment, decorated car parades, colorful carnivals, firework displays, and other entertainment on Dubai streets. This day is celebrated with lot of excitement and energy. Children as well as adults are over excited to participate in various events that happen on this day. This makes it one of the best reasons for visiting Dubai in December.

Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai International Film Festival takes place during the month of December. Witness the glory of sharing space with international stars and discover the art in films while enjoying the beautiful weather. The Film festival makes the city more lively and exciting. Art and movie lovers travel from all over the world during this month to take a glance of their favorite stars as well as watch enjoy the honors, releases, and the glittering award events.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

Dubai shopping festival 2019 makes it the best time of the year to visit Dubai. Mostly, the festival starts from December and ends on January. The visitors as well as locals go crazy for shopping during this whole month. Various outlets as well as stores are bursting with sale offers. Tourists from all over the world fly down to Dubai during this month. Dubai is known as Shopper’s Stop as it hosts different brands from different countries in one city and under one roof. This festival makes the city lively with big number of tourists visiting at the same time. Entertain yourself in malls where there are various lively events to have fun and spend some quality time along with delicious food.

New Year celebration in Dubai

Celebrating New Year

Most of the travelers visit Dubai for celebrating New Year in the most happening way. It is the most happening and best time to travel to Dubai 2019 during this month. The spectacular fireworks of Downtown Dubai at Burj Khalifa are the main tourist attraction. This dazzling display can be viewed from the beaches too that makes them over crowded during this month. The awesome climate, pleasant atmosphere and the happening night life is going to drive you crazy. There are various events that brighten up the New Year celebration. The amazing food outlets, discount on various restaurants, and all the happening events is surely going to fall you in love with the city during this period.

Dubai Resorts and Parks

Dubai Resorts and Parks

Dubai parks and resorts become crowded in the December month due to pleasant climate. The four different theme parks and different types of resorts are the most visited place during this time of the year. The Lego themed rides and Lego robotics at Legoland Water Park is the main attraction for tourist from all over the world. The famous Bollywood park where the film characters and musicals come alive that becomes the main tourist spot. Keep a day aside for exploring all these parks during the best time to travel to Dubai 2019.

World of Adventure

World of Adventure

The world’s largest indoor theme parks will give you the most thrilling experience of lifetime. The crazy adventurous rides will give you the best feeling. Children are going to enjoy interacting with the characters of Cartoon Network and Marvel Comics through the multi-sensory rides. Indulge yourself with the live performances as well as get acquainted with the dinosaurs.

Book your tickets in advance as December is the peak season in Dubai where most of the travelers from all over the world come down to experience this incredible city. Plan your days accordingly and visit these places at the right time.



Exploring the best of Dubai as a tourist


Dubai is a global tourist hub of the western world. Close to 10+ million tourists and visitors come to the shores of Dubai to have fun and enjoy their holidays. Being an Islamic state, Dubai follows some stringent rules and regulations against certain traditions and customs that you should be well aware of before entering the shores of Dubai.

Laws to be aware for a tourist in Dubai
Laws to be aware for a tourist in Dubai
  • Consuming alcohol in the public

Being a Muslim state, Dubai has strict rules and regulations against drinking alcohol in public spaces. Although alcohol is served in several clubs and bars, consuming alcohol in public is considered to be a severe offense. Go to designated places where alcohol is served and avoid public spaces while drinking alcohol.

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Tourist destination landmarks found only in Dubai


Dubai is a modern tourist destination in the world, and there are many reasons why it is so. The beaches, the marvellous Emirati culture, incredible variety of shopping, and a host of dining options are just a few things that define the Emirate of Dubai. Dubai offers some unique experience to both first-time travelers and experienced tourists. We bring to you some of the fantastic sites you should witness when you in the Dubai Emirate.

Watching the mesmerizing sunset from the mighty Burj Khalif


There are plenty of advantages of witnessing the magical evening from the tallest building in the world. The 124th-floor observation deck gives you access to the 360-degree view of the city, and the golden sunset is something you should not miss out on when you here. Be ready with your camera as these precious moments need to be captured during your holiday in Dubai. The winter months provide you more unobstructed views of the city skyline. Also, you can get half-priced tickets if you book your spots in advance during these months.

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List of best shopping malls in Dubai

Image of Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai

Shopping is the favorite pastime not only for the locals but also for tourists who come over to Dubai to quench their shopping thirst. One of the primary drivers of this shopping ecosystem is the incredible malls of Dubai that have redefined the status of Dubai as the modern shopping capital of the western world. No matter what your taste is, the malls of Dubai feature a perfect mix of modern and contemporary design that plays the perfect host for a retail therapy session. We bring to you some of the best new shopping malls in Dubai  that you should not miss out during your trip to Dubai.

Images of Dubai Mall in Dubai
Images of Dubai Mall in Dubai
  • The Dubai Mall

The world’s biggest mall placed in downtown Dubai holds a special place in every shop alcoholics dream. With added features like an underwater zoo & aquarium, an Olympic sized ice skating rink, 1000+ retail outlets ranging from high-end labels to affordable fashion. You seriously can’t ask for more from a shopping mall. This is not just a mall; it is a family outing destination.

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How to uncover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival


Dubai Shopping Festival comes with unlimited and massive discounts and offers that it becomes unpredictable at times. The DSF has transformed the face of Dubai on the world map and has been a vital cog in the rising tourist population visiting Dubai. Ever since its inception in 1996, the DSF has continued to gain immense popularity among both locals and tourists alike. But due to its extensive reach, it becomes tough at times to uncover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival. We brought you some essential tips and tricks that will help you discover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

  • Do your research correctly:

The DSF comes with endless options, and it becomes difficult for people to decide what they want and where to purchase it from. One does get overjoyed and blown off seeing the variety available on display. It can at times leave you spoilt for choices. Researching well about the items you intend to purchase and which stores and hubs to target your needs is the key. A good. The research will help you cover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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How to select the best tour operator during the Dubai Shopping Festival

Best tour operator DSF

Dubai is one of the modern cosmopolitan shopping cities in the world. It houses everything that a traveler would require for  a relaxing holiday – be its gorgeous beaches, opulent hotels and resorts, relaxing spas, vibrant atmosphere, lush green environments, and ultimately the show stopper, the Dubai Shopping Festival. The Dubai Shopping Festival welcomes the New Year with a complete shopping experience, total fun, and entertainment. Considering the intensity and reach of the festival, there are bound to be offers and discounts offered from several tour operators. It is essential that you opt for the right operator who gives you the best experience of the most prominent shopping extravaganza in the world.

1)    Research well on the reputation of the tour operator

When you have  shortlisted a tour operator, research thoroughly about the tour operator before finalizing on one. Don’t just go by the recommendations of the hotel staff as many tour operators have tied up with the hotel staff and they offer a cut of the package cost to the hotel for recommending each client. The internet has made the world a shorter place and getting insights about various tour operators will not be as tough as it looks. There are prominent travel boards like trip advisor that offer reliable recommendations based on your needs and requirements. After all, you want this to be once in a lifetime experience. Hence the tour operator would play a significant role in this adventure.

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Welcome to the shopping world of Dubai

things to buy in dubai

Shopping is something that synonymous with Dubai. It offers a beautiful combination of cutting-edge and traditional options. So whether you are looking for apparel, accessories, jewellery, spices, fabrics, Dubai has it all covered through its mega-malls, indoor multiplexes, traditional souks, and markets. We bring to you some useful tips that will help you shop better and smarter. Continue reading “Welcome to the shopping world of Dubai”

Surprising Facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is a city famous for its luxury and elegance offered to its guests. Dubai has transformed into a fabulous tourist destination in the last decade; the Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the critical factors promoting tourism in Dubai. The DSF is instrumental in changing the global face of Dubai as a tourist destination. Each year over 4 million people around the world come over to Dubai during the DSF. Held during the first month of January annually, the DSF is a month-long shopping extravaganza that offers loads of fun, entertainment, and a host of shopping options. We have listed some of the most exciting and surprising facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival that would enhance your knowledge about this grand and glamorous shopping festival.
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