Travel in the Time of Coronavirus

coronavirus travel tips

The whole world has somewhat come to standstill at this moment due to the COVID-19 virus; everyone is affected but probably the most affected are all types of travelers such as globetrotters, adventure travelers, frequent flyers, holidaymakers, pilgrims etc. So we’ve come up with this post which not only enlightens on you everything about this corona virus, its after-effects, safety measures and precautions, but also put out its positive side along with some effective tips to make the most of this pandemic time.

coronavirus travel tips

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Surprising Facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is a city famous for its luxury and elegance offered to its guests. Dubai has transformed into a fabulous tourist destination in the last decade; the Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the critical factors promoting tourism in Dubai. The DSF is instrumental in changing the global face of Dubai as a tourist destination. Each year over 4 million people around the world come over to Dubai during the DSF. Held during the first month of January annually, the DSF is a month-long shopping extravaganza that offers loads of fun, entertainment, and a host of shopping options. We have listed some of the most exciting and surprising facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival that would enhance your knowledge about this grand and glamorous shopping festival.
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6 Best Souks in Dubai

Spice Souk Dubai

The malls of Dubai have a reputation of being huge, classy and glamorous. Right from retail stores to aquariums, there is nothing that these malls do not have. One can easily spend an entire day in a mall at Dubai without getting bored. However, shopping in Dubai should not be restricted to the glitzy malls. Another world of shopping lies in the traditional souks of the city. Vibrant, colourful and charming, these souks are a part of the history and culture of the city. Here are six of the best souks in Dubai that you should visit during your holiday in this Emirate city.

1.Gold Souk

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Ramadan Dubai 2019: Best Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan

Jumeirah Mosque

Ramadan is the holy month of the Muslims as per the Islamic calendar. It is believed that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed during this month. Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk for one month. With Dubai being a part of the Islamic country of UAE, the city along with the neighbouring Emirates also celebrates Ramadan.
Lot of changes happen during this time of the year. Duration of schools and offices are shortened, tourist attractions are either closed or open late, and it is forbidden to eat or drink in public (even for non-Muslims). In fact, the whole city has a subdued air, and not many tourists venture into Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE during this time. However, Dubai during Ramadan has a different magic, one you must not miss if you want to know the real Dubai, underneath all the glitz and glamour you see. If you are interested in visiting Dubai during Ramadan, here are the best things to do in Dubai during Ramadan.

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Why Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 Edition is Bigger than other DSF


What a perfect way to start the New Year with such a lively festival around. Dubai is packed with tourists from all over the world to welcome New Year as well as be a part of the world’s famous Dubai Shopping festival. Dubai shopping festival offers you a variety of products from all over the world as well as the local products that are ready to sell with amazing discounts.

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A Dubai Winter Vacation – How to plan for a trip to Dubai in December month

World of Adventure

A month before the New Year arrives; the world sets the stage for its biggest celebrations. Combined with the holiday spirit, the ambiance has a vibrant verve and the brisk, wintry climate adds a charming touch to the whole scenario. However, Dubai isn’t the usual place that resembles a winter vacation destination, yet millions of visitors flock to the emirate during winters. What makes this desert emirate so popular during December? How can you plan a trip to Dubai in December?  Scroll down to know more.

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Is Dubai Shopping Festival really worth going to?

Dubai Shopping Festival Packages For 2019

Nesting over 5 million people, covering thousands of  swanky malls and shops, and shouting zillions of offers, sales and activities, Dubai shopping festival is the undisputed solution to your shopping spree. Get your holiday and shopping spirits high as you are going to read the best deals and details on Dubai Shopping Festival 2019, and how it is worth every penny.

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Everything You Need to Know about Dubai Shopping Festival 2019

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 images

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) needs no introduction to most people around the world. Touted as the biggest shopping festival in the world, the DSF is a haven for the senses and of course, the pocket too. Started in 1996, this shopping festival has become bigger and grander with every passing year. It has also become one of the major reasons for visiting Dubai. While great deals and discounts on various merchandise is the main reason that people from all over the world visit the DSF, it is not the only thing. The Dubai Shopping Festival celebrates life itself and there is something for everybody to look forward to. If you are planning to visit Dubai during the shopping festival, here are all the details that you should know about the DSF.

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