How to uncover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival


Dubai Shopping Festival comes with unlimited and massive discounts and offers that it becomes unpredictable at times. The DSF has transformed the face of Dubai on the world map and has been a vital cog in the rising tourist population visiting Dubai. Ever since its inception in 1996, the DSF has continued to gain immense popularity among both locals and tourists alike. But due to its extensive reach, it becomes tough at times to uncover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival. We brought you some essential tips and tricks that will help you discover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

  • Do your research correctly:

The DSF comes with endless options, and it becomes difficult for people to decide what they want and where to purchase it from. One does get overjoyed and blown off seeing the variety available on display. It can at times leave you spoilt for choices. Researching well about the items you intend to purchase and which stores and hubs to target your needs is the key. A good. The research will help you cover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

  • Start Shopping Early:

You may have made your wish list, and when you enter the store, the item has been sold off or out of stock. Well, it may have happened before, and there is every chance that it would occur again. The only way to beat the queue is to start shopping early when others are just planning their shopping day. Covering all the shopping malls in the morning is always recommended. The crowd is less, no swelling up near changing rooms, and more attentive staff are some of the reasons why you should consider shopping in the morning.

  • Exploit the sale:

If you wish to exploit the best of the sale, it is critical that you club it with all the major upcoming events like a family function, wedding, or an adventure trip. The Dubai Shopping Festival will give you the best opportunity to browse and purchase through premium labels and give your loved ones a memorable gift. So make your wish list keeping in mind all the upcoming events you need to attend. The Dubai Shopping Festival has everything you need for all your requirements.

Dubai Shopping Festival Android Apps on Google Play
Dubai Shopping Festival Android Apps on Google Play
  • My DSF  Offers Mobile App:

You can keep yourself updated with the latest deals and offers available by downloading this mobile app. This Mobile App is designed for both first-timers and experienced shoppers who wish to catch all the action in real-time. As mobile is something you carry with you every time and everywhere, you are bound never to miss out on some mind-blowing deals and offers.

  • Consider your future needs as well:

Well, the Dubai Shopping Festival brings in offers and discounts that are irresistible. An excellent opportunity to keep in mind all your future needs and requirements as well. Good picks and the best deals are available in plenty across many stores. You may not get the items that you may need in the future at such unbelievable prices. So, better make the best of it.

  • Combo Travel Packages:

The DSF not only comes with discounted deals and offers on shopping, but there are also several tour agencies or operators who provide amazing deals and promotional offers for people who are targeting the Dubai Shopping Festival. Look out for operators who offer the best of both travels, stay, shopping, sightseeing, and entertainment. After all, you don’t want to spend more on your journey or stay to uncover the best of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Don’t just go by recommendation, research well about the tour agency or operator before finalizing the tour package and itinerary.

  • What to purchase in the DSF?

The DSF gives you a perfect opportunity to redesign your designer wardrobe and improve your collection. Get the best deals on jewellery, electronics, watches, perfumes, apparels, accessories, carpets, art and craft, and much more.

gold souk
Dubai Gold Souk
  • God Jewellery

Well the land of Gold gives you unbelievable deals and discounts on purchase the yellow metal and other precious stones. With unmatched quality, modern and contemporary designs, and purity guaranteed. There is no better time to purchase gold in Dubai.

  • Cosmetics and Perfumes

The DSF gives you the best deals on your favorite brands like Bvlgari, Davidoff, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Burberry, etc. There is no better way to stock your wardrobe with these favorite international brands.

  • Apparels and Accessories

You are spoilt for choices with the fantastic variety available on display. Be it your favorite jeans or happening party wear; the DSF brings all big labels like Verri, Armani, Burberry, Prada, Jack & Jones, Christian Louboutin, BOGGI, Billionaire, Rodeo Drive, Bebe, and any other brand you wanted on the planet. There are also several local designer brands that you can purchase at a reasonable price.

  • Watches

If you have been ever dreaming of owning a designer brand watches at low prices, then you will not get a better opportunity than the DSF. Be IT Cartier, Taggeur, Rado, Burberry, ICW, Micheal Kors, and much more. You can own all these all affordable prices after the enormous discounts.

  • Leather bags and Jackets

Dubai is famous among the masses for good quality leather. The DSF gives you unlimited access to some innovative and creative leather designed goods.

Home Decor Items
Home Decor Items
  • Home Décor

The Carpet Oasis offers terrific options to purchase and decorate your home. Redesign your home with some authentic collection of home décor from the DSF at almost 50-75% discount.

  • Gadgets

Dubai is a tax-free country, and hence all the gadget freaks can stock up their favorite devices at affordable prices. You can rest assured of the quality on display.

How to select the best tour operator during the Dubai Shopping Festival

Best tour operator DSF

Dubai is one of the modern cosmopolitan shopping cities in the world. It houses everything that a traveler would require for  a relaxing holiday – be its gorgeous beaches, opulent hotels and resorts, relaxing spas, vibrant atmosphere, lush green environments, and ultimately the show stopper, the Dubai Shopping Festival. The Dubai Shopping Festival welcomes the New Year with a complete shopping experience, total fun, and entertainment. Considering the intensity and reach of the festival, there are bound to be offers and discounts offered from several tour operators. It is essential that you opt for the right operator who gives you the best experience of the most prominent shopping extravaganza in the world.

1)    Research well on the reputation of the tour operator

When you have  shortlisted a tour operator, research thoroughly about the tour operator before finalizing on one. Don’t just go by the recommendations of the hotel staff as many tour operators have tied up with the hotel staff and they offer a cut of the package cost to the hotel for recommending each client. The internet has made the world a shorter place and getting insights about various tour operators will not be as tough as it looks. There are prominent travel boards like trip advisor that offer reliable recommendations based on your needs and requirements. After all, you want this to be once in a lifetime experience. Hence the tour operator would play a significant role in this adventure.

2)   Select the package with the sole focus on the DSF

During the DSF, the tour operators offer packages with great discounts and promotions. Several inclusions cover Dubai tourism more than the DSF. Although the DSF gives you a rare opportunity to witness both. You want the tour package to include everything from the glamorous skyline, pristine coastline, vibrant casinos, and sparkling nightlife. But, it would be more beneficial if the tour package offered has a prime focus on the offerings of the Dubai Shopping Festival. You are visiting the Las Vegas on the Arab world during the peak tourism period.

3)   The tour package should feature shopping and entertainment in equal proportions

The Dubai Shopping Festival is high on the entertainment factor, hence it is critical that you do not indulge in only shopping. But that is not true; the DSF uncovers a host of shopping, fun, and entertainment options for all its tourists and visitors. You can kick-start your shopping experience from the traditional markets like the souks. Souks give you a chance to haggle over prices. Haggling will not be a norm in malls; they offer fixed rates. Savor local delicacies, get a glimpse of the rich cultural history and heritage of the UAE before the oil boom. The Global Village is one of the highlights of the DSF that hosts close to 75 counters, with each counter representing food items and products from an independent country. Apart from these, there are entertainment hubs in all the shopping malls of Dubai like free movies, skiing, meeting with penguins, zorbing on ice slopes, and much more.

4)   The tour package should offer a complete Arabian Experience

The tour package designed by the tour operator should give you a complete Emirati experience. Hence, the inclusions of Dubai tourism hotspots are  also critical. Whether it is about venturing in the sky on a hot-air balloon or spending a night in the heart of the desert or witnessing the cosmopolitan nature of the Dubai city on the shores of Dubai on a traditional boat, Dubai has everything on offer to match all tastes and budget. 

Welcome to the shopping world of Dubai

things to buy in dubai

Shopping is something that synonymous with Dubai. It offers a beautiful combination of cutting-edge and traditional options. So whether you are looking for apparel, accessories, jewellery, spices, fabrics, Dubai has it all covered through its mega-malls, indoor multiplexes, traditional souks, and markets. We bring to you some useful tips that will help you shop better and smarter. Continue reading “Welcome to the shopping world of Dubai”

Surprising Facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is a city famous for its luxury and elegance offered to its guests. Dubai has transformed into a fabulous tourist destination in the last decade; the Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the critical factors promoting tourism in Dubai. The DSF is instrumental in changing the global face of Dubai as a tourist destination. Each year over 4 million people around the world come over to Dubai during the DSF. Held during the first month of January annually, the DSF is a month-long shopping extravaganza that offers loads of fun, entertainment, and a host of shopping options. We have listed some of the most exciting and surprising facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival that would enhance your knowledge about this grand and glamorous shopping festival.
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Top 5 Havens For Shopping in Dubai

shopping in dubai

To say Dubai is a shopper’s paradise is an understatement. This is the place where the whole world comes to shop. Why? Because shopping in Dubai is an experience. It goes beyond simply shopping. And of course, there’s the Dubai Shopping Festival. This shopping extravaganza is the most popular festival in the world, and thousands of people travel from around the world to take part in it. The whole city participates in the festival, and there are offers galore. However, to make the most of it, you must know the best places to shop. Instead of wasting time exploring all shopping avenues, get to these places and grab the best deals.
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Beautiful Dubai Exposure Through The Eyes Of Dubai Travel Guide

Palm Island Dubai
Palm Island Dubai

Dubai is a unique city that cannot be compared to any other place in the planet. Dubai is often claimed to be one of the fastest growing city in the world. The city has evolved itself from a small trading center to become the most futuristic and glamorous urban destinations in the world, over the past four decades. Dubai is the city that has the power to dream the unachievable and then later transform it into reality, ripping people’s expectations and rewriting the record books as evidently seen the developments such as the Burj Al Arab, the soaring Burj Khalifa and the vast stretch of artificial Palm Jumeirah island.
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Top 10 Malls That Will Make Shopping In Dubai For An Extraordinary Experience

Dubai is the Mecca for every shopaholic owing to its large number of shopping malls and endless lanes of local souks. Dubai is a city where you will come across a mall after every 10 minutes of your drive. What’s more? Dubai organizes two shopping festivals annually, one of which has made its entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, for attracting more than 3 million people during the month-long shopping fiesta.

Out of the many facts about Dubai Shopping Festival, huge discounts on all the major brands imaginable, is the main reason why people flock the city to get their hands on their favourite brands. You can go for a shopping in Dubai in one or every mall in the city but the best ones to complete your shopping in Dubai, are listed below, that will allow you to have a unique shopping experience.

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Dubai: World’s Largest Shopping and Entertainment Destination

Shopping in Dubai
Shopping in Dubai

Dubai has expanded over the past 20 years and contributes a large portion towards United Arab Emirates’ economy, if not as much as Abu Dhabi. The major part of Dubai’s economy is due to the large number of tourists the city attracts, owing to its rich architectural structures and big shopping deals. Dubai is synonymous to shopping as there is nothing that you cannot buy in the city. The Emirate is full of huge shopping malls offering everything from gold to designer labels and electronics, constructed side by side with the local souks, selling spices, carpets, rugs and clothing. Goods from all over the world including Iran, China, Turkey and India are available in Dubai.

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5 Lesser Known Facts About Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopping in Dubai

Popularly known as the entertainment hub of the world, Dubai, is the pride of United Arab Emirates. Dubai successfully experienced development, transforming from a small Bedouin village to become one of the world’s most visited cities. Apart from being famous for its world-class man-made wonders, oil supply and spectacular skyline, Dubai is also popular for being world’s third largest shopping destination. The DSF or the Dubai Shopping Festival has garnered a lot of appreciation and attention from all over the globe for its huge discount offers on branded products for a month-long period.

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Dubai Shopping Festival – The Festival of Huge Discounts, Quality Products & Much More

Dubai Shopping
Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Shopping Festival is on the horizon. Starting from the 26th of December, the world will be converging on this marvelous city to partake in the most sought after shopping extravaganza in the world. From huge discounts to stunning prizes, there’s just so much happening here. For a whole month, Dubai becomes the most happening place in the world. Therefore, if you are planning your winter vacation, head to Dubai for the festival. You are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

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